The Bora Scarf ™ (featured in Rachel Ray’s Magazine, Everyday with Rachel Ray) has become the new must have fashion accessory for both women and men. The Bora Scarf, created by Aria Handmade founder, Nestor Pineda, was conceived during a freak snowstorm in NYC as Mr. Pineda struggled to stay warm outside yet wanted to incorporate a scarf that would compliment an outfit. Hence, The Bora scarf solved that problem and has been a runaway success ever since, becoming a year round fashion accessory.

The Bora scarf is made by hand using a delicate blend of Alpaca fur and acrylic fibers. Unlike sheep’s wool, the Alpaca blend used in the Bora Scarf makes it warmer, lighter, not prickly and most importantly the Bora Scarf is hypoallergenic having no lanolin and is naturally water-repellent, standing up to the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it.

The Bora Scarf, available in a multitude of colors, can be doubled up and worn as a chunky scarf/necklace or worn loosely with a t-shirt and jeans. Casual or dressy, Mr Pineda's vision for the Bora scarf has become a reality and is indeed  the must have accessory to complete your outfit year round. 

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